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Interior Design Services

Our firm specializes in a seamless cohesive integration of architecture and design. Preserving elements of the past and using unique and artisan materials gives a timeless quality to the interiors.


We specialize in one of a kind pieces expressed in exotic and world sourced custom fabrications. Our goal is to make your home, YOUR ultimate sanctuary.

Easy Interior Design Process

We use an easy interior design process from start to finish to ensure the utmost collaboration.

Cancer Society Showhouse
Luxury Interior Design In New York
African Walnut trimmed cabinet used in the renovation

Our Interior Design Services

Interior design services we offer are outlined and described as follows. 

Interior Design Planning

We create custom interior design plans to suit your needs and desires.

Color Scheming

We are known for our expertise in color schemes.  We create color stories that are inspiring, but also specific and comforting.

Specific Room Designing

We are known for our exotic wood rooms where we employ unusual woods to build out the whole room in one species of wood

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Lighting is one of the most important aspects of design. That’s why we focus on detailed reflected ceiling plans and decorative layers of lighting to make the space come alive.

Full Home Renovating

Our firm specializes in architectural renovations that specifically address your individual needs and requirements.

Custom Furnishings

Our firm has a history of utilizing artisans worldwide to create the perfect solution or custom piece for our clients. 

Our Interior Design Steps

The steps in our interior design process are outlined as follows.

The Consultation


The first of four steps in our interior design process is the consultation. At the initial meeting we will discuss your needs, design preferences and scope of your project.  

We offer consultations on-site and virtual consultations.


If your project is local we like to see your project needs in person.


If you would prefer a virtual consultation, we certainly can accommodate that.  We are able to set up a virtual consultation via Zoom, FaceTime or Telegram. During this consultation, it is best of you give us a tour of the project that will tell us the scope. Photos, floor plans and measurements of your space help if you have.

All consultations have a flat rate of $350 per session or visit.

For in-person consultations with clients located outside of the NYC metro area, an additional travel fee (variable, based on your actual physical location) will also be charged.


  • We evaluate your project needs and design direction.
  • We clarify your budget for the project.


  • If you have any design ideas or inspiration, make note of them, so we can go over them during the consultation.
  • For virtual consultations, take clear photos of your space, so we can clearly visualize the work area.



Initial Design Plan Overview

overview of the project.want to make sure we are addressing your individual needs and design intent, and agree on the process. 

Sign The Contract

At this step in the interior design process, we provide the following services. After you receive our proposal, if you’re in agreement with our recommendations and the terms of the proposal, then we move on to getting started with the actual work for your project.

On the basis of existing floor plans to be provided by you  or the measurements taken by us, we will, as and where appropriate, perform the following:

A. Conduct an initial design study.

B. Discuss with you, your design preferences.

C. Present suggested color schemes, interior finishes, wall coverings, draperies, paint schedules and decorative lighting.

D. Prepare conceptual design plans showing (i) recommended interior renovations and (ii) location of movable furniture and furnishings.

E. Prepare conceptual plans for cabinet work, decorative built-ins and decorative details.

Interior Renovation Designs And Project Administration In this phase of the Project and on the basis of our approved Design Concepts, we will then provide the following services

A Prepare design development plans and drawings to expand upon and further refine the approved conceptual interior renovation or design portion of your Project.

We then obtain bids for your project as needed.

Purchasing and Decorative Installation Services

At this step in the interior design process, we’ll work on selecting or specially design items of decorative furniture, furnishings, decorative light fixtures, decorative hardware, MERCHANDISE.

Purchase orders are then made. 

  • Presentation of floor plans, lighting and electrical/construction plans, where applicable.
  • We purchase all required fixtures, furnishings and other materials.
  • We take delivery of all materials, inspect them and make sure they are as expected.
  • Installation of all items, furnishings, fixtures, etc.
  • Deliver the finished work.


  • Make all work spaces available to our design team so they can work unimpeded.
  • Make available the requisite funds to purchase all required materials.
  • Sit back and relax while we work to get you the interior of your dreams.

Let’s start your interior design process.